Town Planning-II

Director (TP-II): is In-charge of this Department. Who coordinates and supervises all the activities of this Department.


•         Town Planning Directorate , was constituted in the Budget of 1976.

•        Town Planning Directorate-I & II were established in the Budget of 2007-08  

•       Scruitny and Approval of Housing Schemes and Land subdivisions is ensured through FDA  Private Housing Scheme and Land Subdivison Rules 2010.

•       In case of violation cases are being sent in the court of Senior Special (Judicial) Magistrate, FDA under the provision of the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 and Disposal of Land by Development Authorities (Regulations) Act 1998.

•        Compoundable deviations are being dealt according to the Penalty Rules approved by the Governing Body of FDA in year 1997.

•        Conversion cases are being processed as per Punjab Development Authorities land use Conversion (Classification Reclassification and Redevelopment) Rules 2009, dated 14-10-2009.

•        Demolition cases are referred to demolition squad headed by Estate Officer, FDA under the control of D(EM-I).

•        Preparation of Architectural Designs of  F.D.A projects.



  • To stop illegal development in accordance with Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976, PPHS&LSD Rules 2010 and FPUSP 2015-2035.
  • violations
  • Preparation and implementation of Faisalabad Peri-Urban Structure Plan 2015-2035
  • Scrutiny of NOCs in the Controlled Area as per new propose Private Housing Schemes and Land Sub-divisions and Faisalabad Peri-Urban Structure Plan 2015-2035
  • Future Planning of Faisalabad
  • Processing of Private Housing Schemes
  • Planning of ongoing Housing Schemes

Town Planning-II
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Private Housing Schemes Rules 2010