Director (Inspection): is In-charge of this Department. Who coordinates and supervises all the activities of this Department.


Inspections are mandated by the International Building Code to verify that

work considered critical to life safety and property protection is being or has been

constructed according to the approved plans and specifications.  This work is primarily

structural in nature or work that could affect the structure.  A project specific program for

Special Inspection is developed by the design professional in responsible charge and it

is executed by an Inspection firm through in-process monitoring of the materials and

workmanship that are critical to the integrity of the building structure.  To prevent

conflicts of interest, the owner or owner’s agent is responsible for funding the Inspection


Roles And Responsibilities:

1.   Special Inspectors shall review approved plans and specifications for Special Inspection requirements.

2.   Special Inspectors will comply with the Special Inspection requirements of the enforcing jurisdiction.

3.   Signify presence at jobsite
4.   Observe assigned work
5.   Report nonconforming items
6.   Provide timely reports
7.   Submit final report”

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