Canal Express Way


It would be the main link between City & (M-3) Interchange. Long Traffic queues at the different Chowk are observed causing traffic delays due to haphazard traffic conflicts at the junction. This traffic jams not only increases the travel time but at the same time causes environmental and noise pollution. In particular the commuters travelling from Sammundri road, Satiana road, Jaranwala road, GTS Chowk, Railway Station, General Bus Stand road, Jail road & Sargodha road to Commercial / residential areas of the city.

In order to resolve the Traffic congestion in the City, it is imperative to provide a separate approach alternate route for Sargodha road. This will provide a relief to the Traffic. This will reduce Travel time, Environmental and noise pollution.

This project includes 25 KM 3 lane Dual carriage way, 1 No. underpass at gattwala along canal and 1 No. Fly over of 1 KM at sahianwala.

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