FDA City Housing Scheme Faisalabad


Reforming in Estate Managment :


"A City within a City"


           HOW IT ALL BEGAN

  1.  FDA requested Govt. of Punjab for transfer of state land.
  2.  Summary was approved by Chief Minister Punjab on 25.05.2004. 
  3.  Terms and Conditions for the allotment were approved on 04.10.2004.
  4.  Summary for acquisition of private land was approved on 28.12.2004 with the concept of returning 25% developed land against the land surrendered.
  5.  The Governing Body of FDA approved enhanced percentage from 25% to 30% in its 69th meeting held on 08.04.2005 and approved by Government on 05.05.2005.
  6.  Notification U/s 7(xiv) of the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 for Interim development order was issued on 01.01.2005 for the scheme comprising area 1218 acres.
  7.  Available plots (minus exempted plot) were offered to general public in May 2005 with last date 26.07.2005
  8.  First balloting for selection of successful allottee of exemption plots or available was held on 13.07.2005, the number of applications being huge.
  9.  Second balloting for the allocation of Plot Nos to the allottees was held on 26.05.2006. In total 5257 plots (1K-1601, 10M-1840 and 5M-1816) of 1K, 10M and 5M were allotted.
  10.  Extension of the FDA City Housing Scheme was approved in 68th Authority meeting held on 17.01.2005.
  11.  Notification U/s 7(xiv) of the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 for Interim orders regarding private area included in FDA City Housing Scheme Extension was issued on 07.08.2006 for additional Acres.



Project Director: Sohail Maqsood

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