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Mechanical Cell

Muhammad Ejaz, Incharge Machanical Cell


The main responsibility of the mechanical cell is to maintain the mechanical machinery & Vehicles of the FDA and keep it in working condition. To maintain all vehicles, tractors, generators, Peter engines, water bowsers and keep them ready for operation at all time.

  • Repair/Maintenance of Official vehicles of FDA
  • Adjusting the petrol of all vehicles according to their ceiling limits.
  • Inspection of all vehicles and machinery of FDA City every month.
  • Operation/Repair/Maintenance of generators 210-KVA & 65-KVA to keep ready as alternate backup in absence of A.C power.
  • Ensuring all POL facilities like Oil, Lubricant, NFR etc. in Attock Smart Fuel Card.
  • Token taxation of vehicles
  • Keeping record of all vehicles like their repairing history, handed over taken over and related orders etc.

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