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Yasir Ejaz Chatha, Director Finance



  • To make payments on account of Development / Non-Development expenditures in accordance with the prescribed financial rules etc after getting pre-audit by the Local Fund Audit Department.
  • To operate bank accounts as per prescribed procedure, and prepare cash flow statements for on-going and new projects.
  • To prepare annual budget, for approval by the Governing Body of FDA.
  • To get the funds released from Government against different Government Projects.
  • To prepare and submit all accounting / financial reports and statements to meet legal and management requirements, as well as the Government and other agencies.
  • To liaison with external & internal auditors, ensure timely submission of answers to their observations and coordinate with other Directorates, in this respect.
  • To ensure that all collection and payments are properly recorded, handled and accounted for.


Finance Directorate is being maintained / controlled and managed its functions through following six Sections / Cells:-

  • Works Section
  • Salary and Pension Section
  • Contingency Section 
  • Book Keeping Section
  • Audit Cell

Rules & Laws
  1. Punjab_Financial_Rules_Vol_I
  2. Punjab Procurement Rules 2014 amended upto 17-08-2020
  3. PPRA Policy Guidlines

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