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Faisalabad Development Authority

Faisalabad Development Authority, Faisalabad was constituted under Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 as a successor body to Lyallpur Improvement Trust (1966).Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is a body responsible for undertaking and monitoring planned developments in the city of Faisalabad, in Punjab, Pakistan. The body acts as a regulatory authority for overseeing the construction of houses, commercial developments and residential areas in the city.

Dr. Muhammad Zahid Ikram Image
Dr. Muhammad Zahid Ikram
Director General

Faisalabad has a strong commitment to bolster the development of the city of Faisalabad, enhance the beauty of the city and provide state-of-the-art facilities to the general public of Faisalabad. We pledge that we will pave a way to achieve these objectives with full devotion and dedication by corroborating the political as well as social sentiments of the society.

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