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Faisalabad Peri Urban Structure Plan 2015-2035

Faisalabad Peri Urban Structure Plan (FPUSP) 2015-2035

The District Planning and Design Committee’s meeting held on 14.04,2015 under the chairmanship of Commissioner Faisalabad Division, Faisalabad recommended The Peri-Urban Structure Plan (FPUSP) 2015-2035 consequent upon the recommendation of DP&DC the House of Zila Council, Faisalabad has approved the Faisalabad Peri-Urban Structure Plan (FPUSP) 2015-2035 under section-30 of Land Use (Classification / Re Classification and Re-Development) Rules, 2009 vide Resolution dated 25-04-2015. The same has been notified vide no. 408-14 dated 25.04.2015 by the then District Coordination Officer/Administrator.

Note: Faisalabad Master Plan has superseded the FPUSP 2015-2035, Therefore, this plan is no more effective after the 27.12.2022

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